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ICL Fertilizers: ICL Specialty Fertilizers produces and markets an extensive range of proprietary high quality and innovative products with the purpose of providing growers, farmers, greenkeepers and groundsmen around the world with solutions for stronger and healthier grass, plants and crops. A team of highly specialized experts and advisors is dedicated to helping customers optimize their resources. ICL is dedicated to a greener world and is therefore continuously improving its products and developing technologies. ICL provides products and services to three main markets: Nursery stock and perennials in open fields and in pots and containers. Fruit, vegetables, tropical and arable crops. Golf courses, sports fields, sod production and municipal landscaping. ICL’s product portfolio includes a.o. controlled and slow release fertilizers, liquid and water-soluble fertilizers, plant protection products and grass seeds.

Bronze sponsor

The AGRA GROUP is one of the leading manufacturers of special fertilizers and providers of expert consulting services in the field of plant nutrition in the Czech Republic. Since 2006, the AGRA GROUP has been engaged in research, development and production of urea stabilized by NBPT. Unique expertise and vast professional experience have ensured that the AGRA GROUP has become one of Central Europe’s leading manufacturers of stabilized urea. The future of the AGRA GROUP is also closely connected with dynamic growth, based on product innovations and international business expansion.

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