Hello friends!

So, yeah! Somehow, i'm going to be 40 in September! How ridiculous.

Reaching such a milestone I believe should be marked by a fun occasion and what could be more fun that spending a few days in my favorite place with my favourite people getting absolutely billy bunted!

It's a big ask of course, asking people to set aside money to go to a different country just to celebrate a birthday so i'm pitching this idea as a part birthday bash, part get away for yourselves.

My idea is to say; "guys, we'll be at this place on Saturday afternoon - it'd be great to see you there" then everyone can go and do their own thing for a couple of hours if they like, then say "in the evening we'll be in this bar/pub/coffee shop etc - if you fancy hooking up again then that would be awesome".

Basically, I'd love to spend lots of my birthday weekend with you all but I'd also like you guys to go and have fun in the city yourselves rather than spending the whole time with this old timer ;-)

One thing I want to make clear is that if it's too much of a stretch to come I won't be offended in the slightest. I know holidays are precious - especially those with children and it's also not a cheap thing to get away to the continent for the weekend so no worries if it's just not possible - I'll be having a UK bash too so we can celebrate there anyway :-) That goes for anyone who perhaps might not be comfortable in the company of a bunch of stoners. We'll be stoned most of the time so if the thought of that doesn't appeal then the party back in England might be more your thang. Basically, as long as I see you at one of these two bashes I'll be a happy (old) boy.

We're planning this for sometime in October as Indy will be starting school early September so we wanted to make sure she's settled... I think there may be one or two others in the same boat. Again, this might be too close to such an important event so no worries if that's the case - i'd completely understand. Once we get some responses from you lovely lot we'll start punting some potential dates about.


We will judge the best option for accommodation once I find out who's keen on coming. There are hundreds of hotels to choose from as well as Air B&B's... we've tried both and both have been great. We're happy to book people in to the same place as we're staying but if you'd prefer to take care of that yourselves that's absolutely fine. Our most frequented area will be Leidseplein but everywhere is within walking distance so do whatever suits you guys.

Some useful links...

Some general Amsterdam info:

We that's about all folks - if you could let me know if you think you can make it by, lets say Friday 13th March (ooh-eer!), that would be awesome.

You can reply by email by clicking this link.

Once I get numbers I'll update this interactive invite with plans for the next stage. Oh!...