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Hey lockdown crew!

If there’s one thing I’m really not keen on it’s a deadly pandemic, yet, that’s what we find ourselves in the middle of. I hope everyone and their families are staying safe - what a totally bizarre time are living in. It probably goes without saying that I will be postponing the Amsterdam trip - we will likely reschedule it for next year sometime but I will keep you all up to date. I do however have an idea.

It will be in September and by then you would hope that things are a little more 'under control'. My idea is to have a ‘dry-run’ of the previously mooted Amsterdam trip, condensed into one day, at my gaff. Not everyone knows each other and I thought it could be a nice meet (from 2 meters away), greet (verbally) and smoke (until no one can see your eyes).

Joking aside I think social distancing will still be a thing by then but I’m sure we can manage it safely enough - spesh if it’s mainly out in the garden if it’s good weather (and after washing my hands thoroughly I can roll enough joints so that you can all have your own collection and we don't have to share spleeeeeefs ;-)

I’m not expecting a reply to this guys and gals (you can if you like - it would lovely to hear from the outside world!) but just putting the idea out there... we can monitor the situation over the coming months. Take care of yourself everyone - you’re all very special to me. Lots of Love and soap-suds x