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Briefing Day: November 12, 2019

Digitalisation Workshop

At Global Grain Geneva 2018 the ABCDs presented their initiative to modernise the trading processes. One year on – with an increasing number of technological applications implemented by industry players – Global Grain Geneva dedicates a full day to the analysis and discussion of digitalization.

Black Sea Forum

Now in its third year, the Black Sea Forum is a great opportunity to delve in the key wheat, corn and oilseed exporting region. 24 top level executives will share their market knowledge and professional experience during this unmissable event. Topics include:

  • The 2019 harvest and its impact on the Black Sea grain trade
  • A spotlight on the newly established Russian Union of Grain Exporters
  • Export prospects and potential new markets for the Black Sea traders
  • Update on the Black Sea infrastructure and logistics
  • A round up of the 2019 harvest season: regional grain quality and market potential
  • The strategic significance of the Suez Canal to reach new markets
  • An overview of the Black Sea derivatives market
  • A focus on the Ukrainian farmers’ financing via crop receipts

Sberbank Seminar

This free seminar will cover OTC derivatives, trade ideas and hedging opportunities via Sberbank, will give an introduction to Trade Finance, and will discuss Black Sea grain and trade financiers.

Supply Chain Transparency & Sustainability for Food Safety and Security

The GGG 2019 follows the recent industry trends and analyses the steps taken by traders and food producers to achieve a transparent and sustainable supply chain. Speakers include:

Eduard Zernin, Executive Director, Russian Union of Grain Exporters, Russia

Robert Van der Zee, COO, Cefetra, The Netherlands

Heber Cardoso, President & CEO, ED&F Man, Brazil

Johny Boerjan, VP Technical Governance, SGS Group, Switzerland

Mark Jekanowski, Acting Chairman, USDA, USA

Alexander Waugh, Director General, Nabim, UK & Board Member, European Flour Millers Association, Belgium

Jaine Chisolm Caunt, Director General, GAFTA, UK

Katie Hoard, Global Director of Agricultural Innovation & Sustainability, AB-InBev, Belgium

And to cap it all the conference features the traditional ‘Executive Interview’ with Ismael Roig, President EMEA, ADM

Soy for a Growing World

  • Production developments to assure that the needs of consumers are met
  • Opportunities to increase livestock production profits by selecting the right soybean meal

Jim Sutter, Chief Executive Officer, US Soybean Export Council

The Feed Market: How the Changing Demand Patterns Affect Grain Trade

  • How the African Swine Fever is affecting Chinese consumption
  • The Impact on the South East Asian region
  • Why is Russia producing record feed rations?
  • Outlook and opportunities for US exports in EMEA countries

Moderator: Nick Major, President, FEFAC

Robert Van der Zee, Chief Operating Officer, Cefetra B.V

Rami H Taieb, Regional Director, Mea Region, Usgc, U.S. Grains Council

Tony Freiji, CEO & President, Wadi Group

Josef Schmidhuber, Deputy Director Trade and Markets Division, FAO

In depth panel discussions on the physical trading

Several conference sessions focus on the physical trade and transportation of grain, to analyse recent changes and forecast their impact on trade flows and volumes in major markets, including:
- Mediterranean and Middle East procurement
- New routes for Black Sea traders
- The factors affecting South East Asian grain demand
- The impact of trade policies on North American exp

Those sessions are complemented by an in-depth panel discussion on the freight market, where senior executives debate the challenges in the shipping industry to embrace and to react to industry uncertainties and structural changes

A comprehensive overview of the financial market:

  • Forecasting trends and pricing risks across the supply chain
  • Hedging exposure to the grain price volatility: swaps, derivatives and the role of commodities exchanges
  • The changing nature of trade finance
  • Aspects of quants trading
“Brings the community together. Decisions are made together and people can impact the future of how the markets are shaping”
Andrei Agapi, Asia-pacific Agriculture Manager, S&P Global Platts

Headline speakers:

Dan Basse, President, AgResource Chicago

Eduard Zernin, MD for the Russian Union of Grain Exporters and Deputy CEO of UGC

Heber Cardoso, CEO Global Structure Commodities, ED&F Man Capital Market

Cagatay Maras, Head of Trade, Turkish Grain Board (TMO)

Christiane Daleiden Distefano, Chair of WTO Committee on Agriculture, World Trade Organisation

“This conference can help you make the correct step in your strategy, or, if you have made the wrong step, it can help you correct it”
Nikolay Gorbachov, President, Ukrainian Grain Association

Food/Feed production speakers:

Katie Hoard, Global Director of Agricultural Innovation & Sustainability, ABInBev

Noah Faase, Global Risk Management Director, ABInBev

William Nash, Associate Director of Risk Management for Grains & Oilseeds, Mondelez International

Kees Vrins, Trade Director, Allseeds Switzerland SA

Gunhan Ulusoy, CEO, Ulusoy Flour Mills

Tony Freiji, CEO & President, Wadi GroupGroup

Nick Major, Director of ForFarmers and President of FEFAC


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Tuesday 25th June

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