The biggest annual event in Europe for the grain trade

Over 3 days of networking time – a great opportunity to get face time in a relaxed environment

65+ speakers and 30+ sessions including Dan Basse's assessment of the 2019 harvest season and trade projections for 2020

1,000 attendees drawn from 65 countries, including 100+ procurement executives from major grain processing and food/feed manufacturing companies – so wherever you focus on in the global market, you will find potential new trade partners

"A great opportunity to bridge the gap between the sometimes very unreal and fake world of finance and the very real world of people who are physically involved in the grain trading"
Marc Ostwal, Global Strategist & Chief Economist, ADM Investor Services International

Procurement executives attending last year:

  • Afrisam Global Services Limited
  • Agro Food LLC
  • Agthia
  • Ajwa Group
  • Al Assyl Mills Company
  • AL Delta for trading meat and cattle LTD
  • Alf Sahel SA
  • Ambar Feed Mill
  • Angoram Foods Ltd
  • Bahrain Flour Mills Company B.S.C.
  • Baraka Mills
  • Barilla G & R Fratelli
  • Barilla S.p.A.
  • Benis Food and Feed Stuff Agencies Ltd
  • Best Flour Mill
  • Corn-Venient Foods Africa Ltd
  • CP Turkey
  • Emirates Food Industries
  • Gujarat Co Opp Tobacco Growers Federation Limited
  • Harinas Torija
  • Harinera La Meta
  • Hekimoglu Flour Mills
  • Horus Trade Company
  • Hovis Limited
  • Intermil-UnSan. Ve Tic. A.S
  • Kalizea
  • Kalp Impex
  • M&Sillosi
  • Matli Yem Sanayi
  • Midstar Commodity Management Ltd.
  • Mifratz Flour Mills LTD
  • Molino Casillo
  • Mondelez International
  • Namma Feed
  • National Flour Mills
  • Pannonia Bio
  • RedSea Mills and Silos
  • Roland Mills United GmbH & Co KG
  • Savola Foods Company
  • Shahba Mills
  • Shalom Flour Mill Ltd
  • Sinokrot Poultry Farms
  • Solbar
  • Soya Mills S.A
  • The Egyptian National for milling and food industrial
  • Turkish Grain Board
  • Ulusoy Un
  • Unicorn Natural Products SAL
  • Wadi Feed Manufacturing
  • Wadi International Trading
  • Zernocomplex Syvash

A pre-conference day including:

Black Sea Forum focusing on this key wheat, corn and sunflower seed exporting region

Digitalisation Workshop analysing the impact of new digital technologies on grain trade

New Global Grain networking tool – filter the delegate list by company type, create your own personalised schedule and receive event updates straight to your phone to maximise your time at the event. Connect pre, during and post-event to build your own Grain black book.