Replace Your PDFs

With Immersive Content

Sometimes, valuable content assets such as annual reports, white papers, sales brochures, catalogs, etc. — many of which take tremendous effort to produce — are put into a PDF for users to either download them from a website or receive them as an email attachment.

Persisting with PDFs can result in unintentionally excluding a large number of potential leads, which doesn’t do justice to critical communication assets. On the other hand, modern marketers focus on taking all audience segments into account and gathering as much data and insights as possible in order to optimise their collateral.

Web publications enable you to deliver immersive content that’s engaging, measurable and looks great on any device.

Drive engagement, boost sales, energise your employees, and get the data-driven insights you need to optimise your content and continually grow your ROI.

Most common use cases for web publications


  • Customer Magazines
  • Event Publications
  • Annual Reports


  • Product Catalogs
  • Interactive Proposals
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Brochures


  • White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Industry Reports
  • Newsletters


  • Interactive Reports
  • Immersive Newsletters
  • Staff Magazines