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Dr Bengt Jeppsson

MD PhD Bengt Jeppsson, Senior Scientific Advisor at Probi AB, is the leading person behind the research and success with the probiotic bacteria LP299V. Dr Jeppsson became a Medical Doctor in 1973 and initiated his research on probiotics in the early 1980ies - “It all started with a vision of saving lives” says Dr Jeppsson.

Dr Jeppsson is a well renowned researcher and surgeon, and has authored more than 300 scientific publications: >60 focus on probiotics. He has supervised 25 PhD-students, been a highly appreciated member of various Societies, Boards and Associations and has received several research grants and scientific awards.

Dr Jeppsson has played a major part in the general view of gut bacteria; from being considered only harmful and pathogenic to providing health-support throughout life. His kind and eager engagement and life-time commitment to probiotics has had a significant impact on human health since the beginning of the 1980ies.

Dr Jeppsson is not only the inventor of LP299V and the founder of Probi AB, he is one of the pioneers of probiotics as we see it today.