Stephen Daniells, PhD




A huge congratulations to all our 2020 NutraIngredients-USA Awards winners.

This has been an incredibly trying time for all of us and our thoughts are with everyone who has been personally affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the fight against racial inequality, and the economic crisis that is impacting the world.  For these reasons, we are hosting our awards virtually this year to ensure all can be involved from the safety of your own homes.

The NutraIngredients-USA awards are usually a celebration of all that is great in our industry and I’m sure they will continue to be a source of great joy and pride for our winners, but they are also a recognition of the important impact that our industry is having on the health and wellness of our people.

We’ve already seen American consumers turn to natural products and dietary supplements in record numbers this year as they navigate the stresses and strains of a new reality. This industry has a vital role to play, and today we have the honor of announcing 14 winners to very deserving entrants, including our prestigious NutraChampion award.

NutraIngredients-USA is a respected and trusted leader in this industry, and so being named a finalist or winner is significant. And we’ve made sure to stamp our rigor and integrity on these awards. For those who completed the entries, you know we asked a lot of you. We received over 100 entries across our 14 categories, and for some of the categories it was difficult to narrow the field down to the shortlisted finalists, let alone decide on a winner. Each finalist is thoroughly deserving, and beat out many others just to make it to this stage.

It’s at this point that I’d like to thank our judges who put a lot of time and effort into this process. We are grateful for their insights, patience, and guidance throughout the judging process.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the NutraIngredients-USA Awards for your successes and efforts to continually improve both the community and people’s health.