The Laidlaw Scholars programme gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership ability and to put that into practice in a hands-on experience.

The Leadership-in-Action component of the Scholarship takes place over a second immersive period of approximately six weeks. It gives you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt in theory about purpose, strategy, planning, execution, communication and influencing skills, team work, resilience and being a global citizen.

You can choose your perfect leadership experience from a number of different options:

  • Leadership expeditions with accredited charities and NGOs who have strong governmental links and a track record of sustainable development. The expedition will combine voluntary work designed to create systemic and sustainable change, with bespoke leadership training. You will be joined in your team by Scholars from other Universities and countries.

  • Social enterprise and NGO internships in challenging environments with clearly defined goals and deliverables. You will be responsible for completing a specific project which will develop your leadership expertise, demonstrate each of the Laidlaw leadership attributes and prove to yourself and others your leadership strengths.

  • Continuing your research by recruiting and supervising a support team.

  • Expanding and applying your research in the field in order to create demonstrable, positive change and be a force for good.

Whatever option you choose, you will have the opportunity to live and work with local communities, driving change where it really matters; whether it is improving access to water and sanitation facilities, helping break the cycle of poverty through better education, or developing real solutions to some of today’s most intractable problems by applying your research findings; you can be confident that you are giving back to others at the same time as you are developing as a leader.

It’s a volunteer experience that you will never forget. You’ll build memories and develop leadership and teamwork skills to apply to your future career and personal life.