How to Win

How to Win


Entertain: the judges will be reading through many entries, so it always helps to employ a little humour or an engaging story to stand out from the crowd - if you can fit this within your word count!


Be relevant: read the category description and check that your entry description answers the questions and criteria set out as well as you can. If you are entering the same initiative in more than one category, do think about how to re-write elements to ensure that it meets the criteria of the additional category/ies.


Be passionate: your enthusiasm will inspire the judges’ enthusiasm. For this reason we would strongly suggest your entry is crafted by the team who have led the project. Each year these entries stand out from the others - after all, who better to tell your exciting story!


Provide the evidence: these Awards are designed to celebrate HR’s contribution to business performance, so do include as many results and evidence of success as you can.


Keep it simple: write clearly and in plain English so that the judges can quickly understand the points that you are making without picking their way through business acronyms.